About Me

Hola <3

Im Laura, the medicine maker behind Maracuya Botanicals LLC. I am currently occupying Tongva land in what is more popularly known as Paramount CA. 

Each of my unique herbal recetas is gifted to me through a combination of communal and ancestral story telling, my intuitive relationship to plants, y amor. At first my relationship to plants helped me connect to my maternal abuelita. As that relationship grew stronger my connection to my spiritual and physical body grew in an organic and nourishing way.  

As a young person I am committed to re-membering ancestral ways in which we can heal the imbalances that live within. It is with so much joy, light, and honor that I share these sacred parts of  myself with you as I find them along my journey. 

Con Amor <3



More about Laura: 

Laura Hasbun is the Founder of Maracuya Botanicals LLC. She produces herbal wellness products designed to help uplift and guide people along their journey through life. Thanks to her grandmother’s love for plants, Laura has always been surrounded by the healing power of plants and herbal remedies.  When she graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, she  intentionally implemented herbalism into her daily routine. Over the years, because of Laura’s relationship with plants in her garden and those from local herb shops, she has been able to produce remedies that help support her, her loved ones, and her community’s health. By helping manage people’s physical pain, anxiety, healing from childhood and ancestral traumas, and much more, her intention through Maracuya Botanicals LLC is to support the health, healing, and connection between people and their bodies. Supporting people in being able to live their best lives is one of Laura’s natural gifts and she enjoys being able to serve in this way.