Calling In: Visions of a Sacred Being
Calling In: Visions of a Sacred Being

Calling In: Visions of a Sacred Being

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Calling In: Visions of a Sacred Being is a 4 week workshop series where you will have the opportunity to explore possibilities of how to turn your wildest dreams into a realty. 

It's more then just a vision board! Throughout the 4 weeks we will be taking time to: 

  • identify where you are currently 
  • identify & call in your wildest dreams
  • redefine what success looks and feels like to you
  • create a visual representation of your wildest dreams in the form of a vision board
  • create a long term goal list based on your vision board + calendar it out into a 1 - 5 year goal plan
  • break your larger goals down into smaller achievable goals 
  • connect to past and future versions of yourself 
  • create a tool box of tips and practices that will support you through confronting difficult tasks 
  • challenge yourself to dream bigger then you ever have before 

 Workshop Structure: 

We will be meeting once a week at 5:30pt/8:30 et for 4 weeks for 1.5 - 2 hours. Each meeting will taking place via Zoom and will be recorded and sent out to your afterwards so you can rewatch it as much as you'd like. 

11/22 - Calling in: My Wildest Dreams 

11/29 - Calling in: The Steps Toward Greatness 

12/6 - Calling in: My Day to Day Journey 

12/13 - Calling in: Courage